Weight Management & Detoxification

Functional Approach to Weight Loss & Detox

If you struggle with your weight and have tried multiple fad diets without success, we can help!

Concierge Practice That Addresses the Underlying Cause

Take Control of Your Weight the Right Way

Lab Results

We create an individualized plan to help you lose weight based on your lab results.

Root Cause

We address the underlying causes for your weight issues.
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Weight management is about balance in the system, not dieting.

Regain Confidence

Let us help you regain the self confidence you deserve.

Integrative Approach to Weight Loss

Achieve Real Results

Weight management is not about dieting or crazy workouts

"You have to get healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy," Dr. Patel.

Weight complications could be a result of underlying issues such as global inflammation, food or chemical sensitivities, imbalances within the body, etc. All of which take time to develop, sometimes years, so we slowly lose our ability to maintain a healthy weight.

By addressing these factors we can achieve meaningful results
Weight Loss


Feel sluggish, gaining weight, don't feel healthy?

There is hope. We can help.

We live in a toxic environment - The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the chemicals we put on our skin, to the electronics we use, and more. Our bodies are typically capable of neutralizing most toxins and irritants; however, the body’s effectiveness at doing so diminishes over time.

Constant bombardment leads to the development of a variety of health issues, including oral sensitivities, global inflammation, and our body’s inability to maintain balance. Over time, the body’s lack of balance manifests as chronic symptoms. We start to lose our ability to maintain a healthy weight, the aging process seems to accelerate due to cellular degradation, and our physiological processes are interrupted. For this reason, we must detox the system.
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The Key to Food & Nutrition​

Eating smarter is more than just eating healthy foods

Oral Sensitivities
Foods are important, but you cannot simply eat healthy to lose weight. Food & chemical sensitivities could be an important factor causing global inflammation leading to weight management issues.

The key is to identify and eliminate any triggers, replenish deficiencies, and detox the body to restore balance
Food Sensitivity Testing

Improve Your Health :: Overcome Weight Issues

Our Goals For You

Identify the Cause

We identify the underlying causes and triggers to help eliminate symptoms.

Restore Balance

Most chronic conditions can be reversed once the root causes have been addressed.

Keep Weight Off

Our goal is to empower you to keep the weight off... the healthy way.
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"Your journey to weight loss begins when you take the first step."

Dr. Milan Patel