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Nationwide Telehealth Consultations

Enjoy appointments with Dr. Patel from anywhere

Virtual Consult with Dr. Patel
We are excited to announce all wellness consultations with Dr. Patel are now available as Telehealth (phone or video) appointments. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of appointments from the comfort of your home.

Any recommended lab workup can be ordered directly through us and conveniently processed via our network of nationwide draw centers.

No matter where you are located, Dr. Patel is available to help improve your health and wellness.

Benefits of Telehealth

Enjoy appointments with Dr. Patel from anywhere

Enjoy flexible appointments from your home or office.
No need to take time off from work.
Save time by eliminating travel time.
Avoid the waiting room and office visits.
Convenience of follow-up appointments.
More appointment availability (including after-hours & weekend).
Access to Dr. Patel from anywhere.
Consultations can be via phone or video.
Telehealth consultations

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