If you struggle with musculoskeletal & bone health, we can help.

Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joint Degradation, Osteopenia, Chronic Pain, and others

Musculoskeletal & Bone Health

CHRONIC PAIN: Chronic joint and muscle aches can drastically affect one's ability to have an active lifestyle. For some, daily activities can be difficult. While medications can help relieve pain, it only acts to numb or mask it. Chronic aches and pains are due to an inflammatory response from mediators released by the body.

BONE HEALTH: As we age, our bones become brittle and joints weaken. It becomes increasingly important to maintain healthy bones. Loss of bone is due to the aging process and lack of activity, but with proper modifications, we can restore function. Bone is a dynamic structure, it can rebuild and remodel.

Replenishing important nutrients, modifications to diet, lifestyle changes, and eliminating triggers which elicit inflammatory mediators can drastically improve bone and muscle health.