Detoxification & Weight Management, Energy, Anti-Aging, and others

Detoxification & Weight

Constant Bombardment

We live in a toxic environment – the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the chemicals we put on our skin, to the electronics we use, and more. Our bodies are typically capable of neutralizing most toxins and irritants; however, the body’s effectiveness at doing so diminishes over time.

Constant bombardment leads to the development of a variety of health issues, including oral sensitivities, global inflammation, and our body’s inability to maintain balance.

Over time, the body’s lack of balance manifests as chronic symptoms. We start to lose our ability to maintain a healthy weight, the aging process seems to accelerate due to cellular degradation, and our physiological processes are interrupted.

For this reason we must detox the body, determine any underlying triggers, and replenish any deficiencies.

AcclaiMD Wellness offers an integrative approach to address the root causes.

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