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ACCLAIMD Wellness is a concierge style practice that offers a functional & integrative approach to address the root cause of chronic symptoms and conditions.

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AcclaiMD Wellness Integrative Alternative Medicine
We shift treatment from the traditional disease-centered to a whole body approach. Recognizing that ‘one size does not fit all’ philosophy allows us to implement individualized therapies rather than predetermined protocols.

As physicians, we know conventional medicine is geared toward acute care and management of symptoms (usually with pharmaceuticals). We are trained to diagnose conditions and prescribe corresponding drugs for those conditions. In reality, this is only a band-aid. Patients believe their conditions are under control, as long as they continue taking these drugs. It becomes a constant cycle of managing symptoms and adjusting medications. Unfortunately, this does not take into consideration the underlying cause which led to the chronic conditions in the first place.

Integrative Approach to the Root Cause

Milan Patel, MD - Integrative Alternative Medicine

Milan Patel, MD

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Patel realized a fundamental limitation to conventional medicine. This realization stemmed from his own struggles with heartburn. For over a decade, he dealt with GERD issues and continual use of medications (PPIs, H2 blockers, antacids) to suppress the associated symptoms. Recognizing the need for a more effective approach, led him to integrative methods of treatment. As a result, Dr. Patel no longer has any associated symptoms of GERD and is completely off all medications.

After obtaining his doctor of medicine degree (MD), his post-graduate disciplines include nutritional, naturopathic, and integrative functional medicine.

He has dedicated his practice to providing health and wellness consulting using modern integrative methods. His goal is to identify and address the underlying triggers to effectively restore health and balance.

"The best medicine is natural medicine."
Dr. Patel


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  • I had been suffering for years with frequent and debilitating migraine headaches... With Dr. Patel’s help, the foods and chemicals that were causing me problems were identified and I’ve been eliminating them from my diet. I now feel that I’m on the way to finding relief from my migraines once and for all. Dr. Patel’s approach to medicine makes so much sense and gets results.


  • I have struggled with weight issues all my life. I have tried every diet and exercise program out there. So when I approached acclaimd wellness, I wasn’t expecting much. But Dr. Patel was able to find exactly what was causing me to struggle with my weight. Once I started following his program, the weight came off and stayed off. Thanks for everything!!


  • I had a severe problem with fatigue. Some doctors said I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and not much they could do for me. Then I found Dr. Patel, and I am glad I did. It took about 2 1/2 months, but I no longer have the symptoms I once had. I feel like I have my life back. Thank you Dr. Patel.